Hey there! If you're visiting this page, it looks like we might get the chance to work together - yay! Here is everything you need to know about me:

I am 100% an extrovert, Myer-Briggs ESFP (The Entertainer), and Enneagram Type 8w7 (The Maverick). I'm a Taurus with a fire dominant personality. Any time I am not at a photoshoot/wedding, you can find me working for an exotic animal conservancy - caring for the animals, taking photos, and running their social media! Yes - I would love to send you sloth photos, please ask me about them!

I am incredibly patient, easy going, love kids and grandparents alike, and will talk to anyone about anything. I can be as assertive or as aloof as you need me to be (trust me, I will be loud if you want.)

Honestly, I am just a huge dork that loves to help people and make them laugh. I can make friends with anyone. I am all about making people feel comfortable and helping out with whatever I can. I am passionate about mental health, community, and always optimistic. I got you!

I am always grateful for feedback and just happy to be involved. I take constructive criticism like a champ and promise I will never be offended if there is something I can do better to make sure YOU are supported. This is your gig! I will carry your bag, grab you an energy drink, or stay late if you need me. I also keep a bunch of emergency supplies with me at all times.

I can't wait to work with you! Questions? Let's hear 'em!

^ check out my Instagram for photos of animals, Disney World, and selfies


- 2 Sony A7iii bodies
- Sony 85mm/1.8
- Sigma Art 35mm/1.4
- Sony 50mm/1.8
- 2 GODEX Flash
- memory cards for days
- vintage lenses + adapters

- equal experience as lead + second, team or solo
- equal experience shooting bridal parties + groomsmen

- professional veil thrower, dress fluffer, and baby/family wrangler
- backup second shooter always on call (my husband is pretty great and he has better jokes too)
- full galleries below
- references available
- fully insured personal protection + gear

let's work together!

Facebook doesn't always let me know when I have a message from someone I am not friends with. Shoot me a friend request, tag me in your post, or send me an email/TEXT/CALL ME SO WE CAN CHAT!


TEXT/CALL/FACETIME: 989-488-3228